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TenTime Ad on Al Remas Channel

One of the most partnreship with TenTime is with Al Remas Stailite channel which is specialized with the Iraqi Music, Esraa Al Aseel has done an Ad for TenTime to promote this partnership.



TenTime digital platform takes part in the Cannes Film Festival in France

TenTime digital platform company participated in the Cannes International Film Festival to promote the global film industry.


The logo of TenTime Digital has been displayed on the largest billboards at the Palais des Festivals," the company said in a statement received by Alsumaria News.".


TenTime Launching Ceremony

In a huge ceremony held at the Pavilion Seaside in Beirut, the largest digital platform for the screening of Arabic movies and series "Ten Time" was launched under the title "Talk Me in Arabic".

This platform provides entertainment content only in Arabic, which will allow the Arab viewer to follow films and series in his native language.

The launch ceremony was attended by a large number of stars and personalities, while the ceremony was presented by Annabella Hilal and was accompanied by artistic and entertainment paragraphs with the participation of Assi El-Helani.

Executive Director Mira Yacoub delivered a speech on the occasion to introduce Ten Time tv and his goals at the beginning of the ceremony..

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